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Become a part of the exciting and ever-expanding health care field as a trained phlebotomist!

There are several areas within health care where skilled phlebotomists are needed: hospital laboratories DUI checkpoints, hospice care, and nursing homes. A complete Phlebotomy course including classroom instruction and hands on training in a clinical setting is now locally available to you at the Phlebotomy Institute Of Central PA.

Phlebotomy Institute Of Central PA is licensed by the Pennsylvania State Board of Private Licensed Schools. It will provide 30 hours of classroom instruction by experienced and qualified medical professionals who each have worked in the health care field (clinical laboratory) for over 20 years. These instructors (currently employed in health care) are knowledgeable in current safety standards, regulations, and phlebotomy techniques.

The classes will be 2 evenings a week for six weeks. Each class will be three hours long for a total of 36 hours of classsroom instruction. Class sizes will range from 20 to 30 students and will be supervised by 5-6 instructors. The clinical practical will be 40 hours of hands on experience provided at area laboratories or offices usually during the day shift. The Phlebotomy Institue will set up and coordinate this training for each student.

The program entitled Clinical Phlebotomy will provide instruction in how to collect blood samples using venipuncture and capillary puncture procedures . Instruction will include how to properly and safely use needles, lancets and butterflies to collect the samples as well as the different types of collection tubes to use for the appropriate tests. . Basic specimen preparation, patient (customer) interactions and confidentiality issues are also addressed. A certificate will be issued upon successful completion of the course. The course objective is to prepare students to seek employment as entry-level phlebotomists. Students successfully completing the course are eligible to sit for a certification exam offered by National Healthcareer Association. Credit hours are non-transferable. Classes will be offered semi-annually in April and September.